Ni Ketut Purnamiati (English Education Study Program)

Today technology becomes one of the elements in the earth’s that grow very fast. Technology in this context is information and communication. We, as modern human at accept and understand to use technology quickly. But technology in this era makes people especially teenager follow that developments very fast. Actually technology gives two effects, positive and negative effect, to people who use it. But we must be smart to accept and choose modern development that good for our self or not, without forgeting about the attitude, rules, and always keep good relation between god and other people. So in this era, as modern human must known well about Hindus philosophy to make us always remember in keeping good relation with each others. One of the Hindus philosophy must be learned by people is Catur Guru.

Catur Guru comes from the word Catur and Guru in Sanskrit. Catur means four and Guru means teacher or the person who is innocent and imitated. So Catur Guru means four teachers should be respected by the people especially the Hindu Balinese.  It has the aim to create harmony and balance society. It is a foundation to build a good behavior in a daily life. There four parts of Catur Guru such as:

  1. Guru Rupaka or Guru Reka is our parents
  2. Guru Pengajian is teacher who is teach us in the school
  3. Guru Wisesa is Goverment
  4. Guru swadhyaya or God or Ida Shang Yhang Wdhi wasa

Guru Rupaka or Guru Reka is our parent at home. They are called guru Rupaka because they born us in this world. They are persons who love us, educate and care about us. They are the first people who teach us at home about good attitude. They teach us everything that they know and help us on our journey of learning. We know well that everything they have done is for our good life and future.

In fact, most of us cannot be understood about how care they are to us. We sometime ignore our parents’ advice and do everything without thinking about right and wrong. Even we have heard from the television like criminal case in which there was a child killed his parents or in other example they hurt their parents by hitting or get contacts with the physics. It can be a big problem and build a social conflict between children and parents.

Actually those problems must not be happened if we as children realize and understand about the aim of our parents in educating us. We must respect and love them too much. For example, we must care to our parents while they are sick, listen to parents advices, help them to clean house, and the important one is we must support each other.

The second is Guru pengajian or teacher at the school. They called guru wakre also. They are our parents in the school. They are teacher who always take care of us after our parents. Our teachers who always make us to be smatter people. The teachers who always teach the student from they do not know anything until know about something. For example the teachers teach their students how to read, how to account until they can be able. With the main purpose is they want their student to be smart.

The main problem usually happened in school between student and teacher is irrivent behavior to the teacher. Sometime for example students often show to the teacher bad attitude, impolite, rude when talking to the teacher. It is really not good at all. As a student, we must respect them with obey the school rules, study hard, and being a good student. These kind attitudes will make our teacher proud of us.

The third is Guru Wisesa or Government. In our daily life the government who always try to serve the citizens. The governments always guard and protect the people to become more prosperous. So we must always respect to the government. The government in this era goes to police, sub- district head, regent, president and government ministers. But many people do not care about the government regulations. Sometime they are ignored the regulation, for example we can see when the people not use helm while they are drive, this is a mistake by the people who not follow the traffic regulation. As people we must follow every regulation such as obey paying taxes, follow the rules traffic signs with the purpose we can show a good attitude as citizens.

And the last is Guru Swadyaya or God. Guru swadayaya also called the real teacher. It called like that because guru created the universe and he protects it. The god always blessing us and keep us where ever we are. As human sometime we forget pray three time every day because we too busy with our activities. As Balinese people we also ignore the procedure in wear traditional Balinese clothes when we go to the temple for praying, mostly people are wear impolite clothes when they go to pray and not to focus and always busy with their phone. It is one of problem in our life, but now we as Hindus people we must obey God. For example we have to remember god, protect the purity of the temple, wear polite clothes when go to pray, pray before to do something, feeling grateful and learning weda. With the purpose improve a good relation between God and our life.

In Summary, Catur Guru is one of good philosophy that can be applied by the people in this era. By applying this philosophy, it will make our life more comfort and happy. It creates kind attitude personality and it is useful for the other people, nature and all god creation. Moreover it can create peace in our life

The moral value of Catur Guru is very important for our life to get best result of religious education. So that’s why we have to do it start from our family. Everyone must apply it in real life because all parts of Catur Guru have an important role in achieving good morality and true religious education.

*Dipresentasikan pada Seminar Akademik “Guru dan Siswa dalam Mengisi Kemerdekaan” yang diselenggarakan oleh STKIP Agama Hindu Amlapura pada 13 Agustus 2019

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